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Builton Co., Ltd. provides solutions necessary for companies.

Builton Co., Ltd. provides appropriate solutions to our clients through consulting for each company.
We will analyze and provide online sales intelligence, online reviews, popularity and other
analytical information in a way that allows us to present tailored solutions for our clients
ranging from manufacturers to online shopping mall companies.
Through this we strive to increase our client’s companies’ competitiveness.

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Introduction Of The Solutons

For Manufacturers
& Brands

For manufacturers & brands

Today the global online market operates as one large marketplaces, making it more difficult for manufacturers to compete. The online market exists at the center of many industries such as product development, manufacturing, and marketing. Manufacturers invest a vast amount of labor and time in analyzing the online market in order to expand its potential capabilities; however, the majority of them experience limitations when monitoring information. It is because it is very difficult to consistently monitor and analyze standardized data due to the unique characteristics of the online market. Builton Co., Ltd.’s Priceon, Reviewon, Shelfon, and Channelon™ services will systematically analyze and provide global online sales intelligence. We will also provide appropriate information analysis solutions through consultative services that are tailored to meet the demands of manufacturers based on their specific nature of production. Builton Co., Ltd. manufacturer's solutions and advanced insights will help you expand your online market.

BUILTON’S SOLUTIONS Builton’s solutions should not be optional, also be necessary.

  • Online Market 24-hour Monitoring Check Available
  • Establishment of Price Policies and Marketing Strategies through
    Domestic and International Online Market Monitoring
  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis through Purchase Review Monitoring
  • Promotion Cost Efficiency Analysis and Effective Marketing Use
  • Simultaneous On-Offline Market Promotion
  • Monitoring via Mobile Messenger


24-hour automatic monitoring of various channels online allows for better systematic management that saves you labor, money, and time.

Success Case

Company S

After implementing Builton solutions, the company has reduced its costs and time by more than 90%.

Our company manufactures and distributes a multitude of products across a wide array of categories. In response to the daily expanding online market, we were seeking ways to review our products’ selling prices, customer product satisfaction, and market share in comparison to our competitors’. Unlike an offline market, the online market consists of various markets, products and sellers, and thus, it was difficult for our organization to monitor data despite investing a vast amount of human resources on the task. Coincidentally, we found about Builton Co., Ltd. and, with some initial uncertainty, hired the company for its ability to provide solutions that could offer excellent performance by using a relatively small amount of staffing time. Since implementing their solutions, and thanks to their 24-hour automatic data monitoring feature, we now use one staff member who only spends three-hours a day monitoring accurate data, saving money and time.


We accurately monitor domestic and international online product price information, enabling you to establish competitive price policies and marketing strategies.

Success Case

Company C

Establishing global price policies has become easy because it is now easy to monitor product prices sold on the domestic and main international markets.

Due to having our headquarters overseas, our biggest problem was to minimize the gap between our domestic online product price and that of our international price. Also, it was important to analyze our market share for our imported products. However, unlike the international market, Korea’s online market is large in terms of its number of markets and sellers, so despite our best efforts it was difficult to fully comprehend the details of this information. Builton Co., Ltd. monitors and accurately analyzes product price information on the domestic and international markets, helping us to establish price policies and marketing strategies that are more competitive than our competitors’.


Through monitoring online reviews, analysis of customer satisfaction levels is made possible, enabling companies to establish marketing strategies through trend and the correlation analyses on the number of reviews and sales.

Success Case

Company A

We needed analysis of online market review, and after implementing Builton solutions, our work efficiency has increased.

Unlike the offline market, the online market actively provides feedback on customer satisfaction through online reviews. As our online sales have increased, it has been difficult, given our lack of time and human resource capabilities, to monitor and analyze online reviews and search characteristics of our main online markets in order to understand our customers’ needs. However, after implementing Builton Solution, we have increased our work efficiency so that now we are able to easily monitor reviews without having to visit the individual sales pages of our different online marketplaces. Also, the Builton Solution provides not only customer satisfaction analysis but also analytical data on sales estimation based on reviews and competitors’ product details, allowing us to plan marketing strategies more easily.


We analyze our client’s customer flow at all the different online shopping malls and help plan effective marketing strategies targeting shopping malls.

Success Case

Company B

It has been easy to analyze advertising marketing efficiency and develop a close relationship with our official online channels through the authorization system.

Our company offers various promotions in an attempt to increase our online sales. However, we had no idea how many customers had visited our product page during promotion periods or the extent to which customer flow affected our product’s sales performance. However, after implementing Builton’s Channelon service, not only did we find out how many customers were interested in which products and the amount of customer flow we received through a particular channel but also which of our sellers actively sell based on page view check analysis, enabling us to effectively analyze our marketing strategies. In addition, we are greatly impressed by the fact that the level of our customers’ trust had increased, thanks to the authorization system.


We monitor selling prices on numerous online market product pages to close the gap between the online and offline prices, promoting both on and offline marketplaces.

Success Case

Company K

We were worried about the gap between the on- and offline prices, but after using Solution, we were able to maintain fairness in the prices.

After the online market emerged, it was crucial to maintain fairness between the prices of our offline and online products. However, we already had our hands tied with the task of gathering all of the relevant online pricing information, especially with the seasonal pricing changes that we faced, which made it difficult to quickly plan price strategies. With Builton Co., Ltd. Solution, we saved a lot of time checking price information and used the time to establish policies which resulted in building a satisfying environment for both our off- and online sellers.


We provide monitoring services through Telegram, enabling companies to have access to online information anywhere anytime and take the actions they need to take quickly.

Success Case

Company T

I work off-site or go on business trips often, and checking prices via mobile messenger has become a mandatory task.

It was important for me - whose sales work requires both off-site work and numerous business trips - to check online price patterns however it was difficult since I didn’t have access to my PC all the time. Since prices change every second, I had to find a solution that solves this problem. I found out about Builton Co., Ltd. and was recommended to use the solution that lets me check my online price patterns via mobile messenger. My work efficiency has improved greatly now that I can check information easily anytime anywhere without having to sit in front of a PC.